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Toners gently exfoliate, remove sebum, oil & dirt, thus helping to clear pores, condition the skin, restore pH balance & prepare the skin the absorb moisturizer.

After cleansing, apply toner & follow with a hydrating serum or cream. Contains herbs with soothing, cleansing, purifying, uplifting, mild antiseptic, astringent properties known to tone, soften, refresh, re-establish natural balance & support hydration of the skin, promote healing, soothe burns & irritations.

FLORA TONER . Vegan (50 ml)



Pure Hydrosols of Lavendula Angustifolia* ( Lavender), Rose Damascena*(Rose) & Hierochloe Odorata (Sweetgrass)


FOREST TONER . Vegan (50 ml)



Pure Hydrosols of Thuja Occidentalis (Cedar Leaf), Boswellia serrata*(Frankincense) & Hierochloe odorata (Sweetgrass).


*Certified Organic

All hydrosols are steam distilled


  • *Certified Organic

    All hydrosols are steam distilled



    From seed saving, to planting, to salve making, Germinate is immersed in the process. The Germinate Apothecary line is handcrafted from ethically & sustainably sourced raw, pure ingredients, wild crafted plants & local organically grown herbs, that are mindfully gathered by hand & solar infused, fresh in season, in cold pressed certified organic & fair trade oils. Guided by the wisdom of traditional herbalism & folk medicine, using whole plants & simple hand tools, formulas are visioned & crafted in small batches. Using fresh local herbs from one’s own bio-region, creates a connection to seasonal cycles & flora in our natural surroundings, cultivates sustainability, ensures a higher quality & efficacy of healing properties.


    Germinate Apothecary free from toxins, additives, preservatives, artificial & synthetic ingredients, pre-fabricated formulas, fragrance, perfume, solvents, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, manufactured colours, sulphates, gluten, formaldehyde, pesticides, herbicides, palm oil or genetically modified materials & is cruelty free. Every element is 100% plant-based, with the exception of locally harvested beeswax in select products.


    Packaging is in recyclable tins or returnable glass.

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