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Shan is a self taught, multidisciplinary artist whose work stems from an intrigue of handcrafting functional, wearable & decorative objects, while being

mindful of environmental footprint & social sustainability. She believes that handmade cultivates a connection to the maker, to our earth & to the process of creation.

Shan's artistic works include wearable or functional pieces such as jewelry & adornments, clothing & accessories, textiles, lamps, tables & clocks. The changing seasons influence her materials & work. Her intention is to create each individual component of each art piece by transforming natural, reclaimed, vintage, upcycled, found, organic & fair trade materials. Everything has a story & innumerable discarded objects have potential to become something both beautiful & useful. Being fully involved in the process, is a fundamental element in all her work, from individually hand forging components, to salvaging discarded items, to sustainably hand collecting raw materials, such as stones, shells, seeds, bone, feathers & wood

to incorporate in her projects. If outside resources are needed, she finds sustainable alternatives. The nature of the materials used assures each piece unique Germinate is reflective

of nature, growth, evolution & creating a new existence to quiescent elements.


It is believed that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, that energy can only be transferred, or changed from one form to another.  From the manner in which things are grown, gathered, harvested & handled, there is embedded energy in what we put in & on our bodies, in that we choose to surround ourselves. When you know your maker, their philosophies & their practices, you understand the vibration infused in your wares, which ultimately influences the way you feel.


Transcending gender & generations, the Germinate aesthetic appeals to those focused on eco-conscious natural living, seeking local, ethically & sustainably made wares, to individualswho surround themselves with functional & wearable art that has meaning & purpose.

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