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It is believed that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, that energy can only be transferred, or changed from one form to another.  From the manner in which things are grown, gathered, harvested & handled, there is embedded energy in what we put in & on our bodies, in that we choose to surround ourselves. When you know your maker, their philosophies & their practices, you understand the vibration infused in your wares, which ultimately influences the way you feel.

From seed saving, to planting, to salve making, Germinate is immersed in the process. The Germinate Apothecary line is handcrafted from ethically & sustainably sourced raw, pure ingredients, wild crafted plants & local organically grown herbs, that are mindfully gathered by hand & solar infused, fresh in season, in cold pressed certified organic & fair trade oils. Guided by the wisdom of traditional herbalism & folk medicine, using whole plants & simple hand tools, formulas are visioned & crafted in small batches. Using fresh local herbs from one’s own bio-region, creates a connection to seasonal cycles & flora in our natural surroundings, cultivates sustainability, ensures a higher quality & efficacy of healing properties.

All essential are steam distilled or cold pressed & are delicately used.

Packaging is in recyclable tins or returnable glass.


Germinate Apothecary is free from toxins, additives, preservatives, artificial & synthetic ingredients, pre-fabricated formulas, fragrance, perfume, solvents, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, manufactured colours, sulphates, gluten, formaldehyde, pesticides, herbicides, palm oil or genetically modified materials & is cruelty free. Every element is 100% plant-based, with the exception of locally harvested beeswax in select products.


Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  Since it is porous, absorbing what you put on,

it is important to understand the ingredients in the products you use.


The David Suzuki Foundation provides a great resource on Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid,

where  one can learn how commonly used ingredients are health or environmental hazards.

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