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Components are individually hand forged from upcycled copper, brass & salvaged vintage square nails from my 100 year home.  

Copper is known as an excellent energy conductor, able to amplify thoughts, healing & energy, balance personal reserve as well as solar & lunar energy, increase the ability to express, release & accept true feelings. Copper is believed to warm, detoxify, soothe inflammation, aid circulation, digestion & exhaustion recovery, stabilize metabolism, strengthen the immune system, benefit both blood & lungs by improving the exchange of oxygen & filtering out pollutants.


Small nails are appromximately 3 centimetres in length.

Vertically oriented  nails are appromximately 7 centimetres in length.

Horizontally orientated nails are appromximately 10 centimetres in length.


  • All parts & elements are handmade mindfully, ethically & sustainably.


    Each individual component of each art piece is made by transforming natural, reclaimed, vintage, upcycled, found, organic & fair trade materials. Being fully involved in the process, is a fundamental element in all my work, from individually hand forging components, to salvaging discarded items, to sustainably hand collecting raw materials to incorporate into pieces.


    Please keep in mind that the finished result may vary slightly from piece to piece.  Stones, crystals, feathers, seeds & other natural materials have unique qualities & likewise, may vary.


    The nature of the materials used assures each piece unique & truly one of a kind.




    From the manner in which things are grown, gathered, harvested & handled, there is embedded energy in what we put in & on our bodies, in that we choose to surround ourselves. When you know your maker, their philosophies & their practices, you understand the vibration infused in your wares, which ultimately influences the way you feel. Supporting handmade cultivates a connection to the maker, to the elements & to the process of creation.

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